Frequently Asked Questions by Mothers

It is very quick and easy to join us. You can provide your email address to us and we will forward our forms to you, or you can complete one on-site before a session begins. For further details please refer to the section Join Us on our website.
Generally you should not engage in any type of fitness activity earlier than six weeks from giving birth naturally or 8-10 weeks if you had a caesarean. You must obtain a clearance letter from your doctor stating that you are ready to commence an exercise regime. Please attach a copy of the doctor’s clearance letter to your health screening questionnaire.
Yes of course you can. The idea of Mums With Prams Fitness is that you can exercise while looking after your bub. Your baby will stay most of the time in your stroller or pram.
Yes you can. We offer one free trial session for every mum. Even though it is only one session you will still need to complete the health screening questionnaire before starting.
Mainly we exercise outdoors in parks in Rockingham area, however in event of a bad weather we exercise indoor at Mick Barnett Sports Complex in Rockingham.
A training session takes about 45-55 minutes. After training it is time to relax 🙂 Mothers have coffee and tea chat time and play time for babies. Mums with Prams Fitness provides coffee and tea for free. Please arrive a few minutes before the session so you and your bub can get ready.
Yes you can, provided you can manage both of them at the same time. Please remember you are responsible for your children and their safety. In addition, please note that we will jog from one place to another, exercise there and move again. Some mums bring a bike or scooter for their child so the child can keep up with us.
That is normal, we all have bubs and we understand each other. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to settle your baby during the sessions. You can stop for as long as you need, settle your bub, and catch up with us when you are ready.
Here is a short list:

  • Firstly, your baby in a stroller or pram
  • Sports/fitness clothing appropriate to the weather conditions
  • Comfortable sports shoes – an outdoor running type or similar
  • Yoga mat, blanket, or large towel for exercising on the ground
  • Plenty of water for you and your baby
  • Baby gear, toys and baby food
  • Sun protection. For details please refer to the section below: How should I protect myself and my baby from the sun?
You and your baby should:

  • Cover up as much as you can – wear sun protective clothing and broad brim hats, use sun protective covers for your baby
  • Wear sunglasses that meet Australian Standards
  • 20 minutes before the session apply broad spectrum, water-resistant, SPF 30+ (or higher) sunscreen,
  • Adjust your pram / stroller to an optimal position to give your baby as much shade as you can.
  • Where possible stay in shaded areas

For further guidelines please refer to:

What should I expect from training sessions?

Each training session is different, so the exercise will not become boring.

    In general each session is structured as follows:

  • Warm up
  • Conditioning (the main part)
  • Cool down /stretching
  • After training tea and coffee relax (free)
Don’t worry. Our postnatal training programs have been designed by our fitness professionals specifically to meet the needs and expectations of new mums. We have two levels to choose from: beginner and advanced. The level of training intensity varies from light to moderate, and increases as you progress.
  • We hold outdoor sessions where possible. Please refer to the weather forecast prior to sessions and wear appropriate clothing.
  • In winter or if necessary we relocate to a indoor location. Currently we use Mike Barnett Sports Complex facilities in Rockingham.

Generally we will only reschedule a session if it is not safe to exercise.

  • Breastfeed your baby / express your breasts prior to the exercise session.
  • Wear a supportive bra,
  • Stay well hydrated.
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