Why Join
Mums With Prams Fitness…

  • … To lose baby weight

    Mums with Prams Fitness professionals have designed a postnatal training program specifically to meet the needs and expectations of new mums. Our exercise program effectively burn calories to help you lose your baby weight.

  • … To improve your general fitness and pelvic floor muscles

    Our postnatal fitness program is designed to improve your general fitness, with a focus on the pelvic floor muscles. Our aim is to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, tone and shape. Improving your fitness is one of our priorities.

  • ... To reduce stress levels

    Exercise is known to reduce stress levels. Being active boosts your feel-good endorphins as well as distracting you from any daily worries.

  • … To improve your mental well-being and energy levels

    Physical activity is good for your body and mental well-being. Research shows that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that makes you feel good. Additionally, exercise boosts your self-esteem, increase energy levels, aids in concentration, and helps you to sleep, look, and feel better.

  • ... To entertain you and your baby

    Happy baby, happy mum. Our exercise program includes entertainment elements for you and your baby, so they will enjoy our sessions as much as you do. From our experience, babies love watching their mums do their exercises, especially from their stroller.

  • ... To meet other mums and make new friends

    Mums With Prams Fitness classes give you a fantastic opportunity to meet other mums and their bubs. You can make new friends who are in a similar position to you. These new friends understand you, your situation, and the principles of motherhood. In addition, you will have an opportunity to share useful information with other mums in your group.

  • … Bond with your baby

    An important outcome of Mums with Prams Fitness is to improve the bond with your baby. With your baby in its pram or stroller, you can exercise while your baby is happy, safe and close to mummy. They may even give you a giggle every now and then.